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What’s in a name?

As many of you know, our family grew a little larger on October 17 with the birth of Benjamin Young. As you also know, our family, while bigger, is still incomplete as we continue to mourn the loss of our dear Silas, who would have turned one today. Some will say that having Benjamin (Benji) makes it all better. They think that Benji can in some way erase all the pain of losing Silas; that our grief will be erased by the birth of our second son.

That’s simply not the case.¬† Continue reading

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Feeling the Bible

We want to know truth. We search for truth. Some of us study for years and years trying to grasp truth. We scrutinize, interrogate, and judge in order to arrive at the truth. We do this in many circumstances, including with the Bible, but we have to ask, is this right? Continue reading

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Book Reflection: Divine Presence Amid Violence by Walter Brueggemann

The Old Testament is replete with violent scenes. For many, this has caused emotional and cognitive strife. How is this God in whose name atrocious acts of genocide were committed the same as the God of Jesus who teaches us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us? Yet our faith proclaims that Jesus fulfills the expectations of the Old Testament; that the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament.¬†Walter Brueggemann attempts to address this problem with a detailed study of Joshua 11. His goal is to offer a contextualized reading of this passage to help shed some light on this issue of God’s presence and self-revelation in the midst of biblical violence. Continue reading

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