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Toothbrushes and Job

Let me paint you a portrait of a normal nighttime routine for Bekah and me. We decide we’re both tired and it’s time to go to bed. Bekah goes to the bedroom to put on her pajamas while I begin my teeth-cleaning ritual. First I painstakingly floss between each tooth, then I brush my teeth ad nauseum,  after which I use a mouth rinse just for good measure. After finishing all of this, I go to the bedroom to find Bekah already in bed .

“Aren’t you going to brush your teeth?” I ask.

“Ugh. I’m already comfortable. I’ll do it tomorrow morning,” comes the response. Then I sigh, shrug my shoulders, and get into bed.  Continue reading

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Are We Never Satisfied?

Watching a middle school basketball game can be quite the experience, especially when you’re caught in the middle of the yelling parents crowd. Zealous parents will never let anything go, and supporting one’s child quickly becomes wishing destruction upon someone else’s. Many things were yelled that night. An example?

“I’m tired of being the redheaded stepchild of the conference!”

I tried not to take offense. Continue reading

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