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The foreigner in us all

Recently, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution calling for a “just and compassionate” path to legal residence for undocumented immigrants. This is a great step forward in thoughts about immigration in the United States. It troubled me, though, that the Convention felt they had to clarify their stance by approving an amendment saying, “This resolution is not to be construed as support for amnesty for any undocumented immigrant.” So there is a desire for legal residence, but there is also a desire to avoid the possibility that this could be construed as amnesty. Why is that? Continue reading

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The cross and capital punishment

Yesterday, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denied clemency for one of Georgia’s death row inmates, Roy Blankenship. Not long ago, they granted him a temporary stay of execution in order for DNA testing to be done, testing that was unavailable to him in the first trial, but thanks to an insufficient sample that was in evidence, that test came back inconclusive, meaning they are no more sure today than they were before. So the execution is back on, for Thursday at 7:00PM. Continue reading

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Gospel for the outsiders

Recently, Bekah and I have been reading through the Gospel of Matthew in our devotional times. One night, as I was reading Matthew 4:23-25, the most unusual word caught my attention: “Syria.” Continue reading

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